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Introducing Winter Wonderland. Immerse yourself in the ethereal beauty of nature with its enchanting white birch scent, delicately crafted to transport you to a serene winter wonderland.

Unveiling a captivating twist on traditional pine scents, Winter Wonderland captures the essence of the majestic white birch tree. As the flame flickers, a symphony of scents dances through the air, intertwining with vivid notes of refreshing eucalyptus, grounding cypress, and the warm embrace of tonka bean.

With each gentle waft, your senses will be whisked away to a snowy forest, where the air is crisp and the trees stand tall, adorned with glistening snowflakes. The invigorating eucalyptus essence revitalizes your mind, while the soothing cypress creates a harmonious balance, evoking a sense of calm and tranquility. The comforting embrace of tonka bean adds a touch of sweetness, like a warm hug on a cold winter's day.

Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, our Winter Wonderland candle is made using Coconut Apricot Wax, ensuring a clean and long-lasting burn. The cotton wick, lead and zinc free, further enhancing the ambiance and creating a cozy atmosphere.

Perfect for creating a serene ambiance during chilly winter nights or for adding a touch of nature's elegance to any space, Winter Wonderland is a must-have for candle enthusiasts and lovers of all things enchanting. Whether you're seeking solace in a quiet evening, hosting a gathering, or simply pampering yourself with a moment of tranquility, this candle will transform any setting into a magical haven.

Enjoy the enchanting beauty of Winter Wonderland and let its aromatic symphony transport you to a breathtaking snowy paradise. Ignite your senses and embrace the serenity of nature with every flicker of this exquisite Winter Wonderland candle.


Top: Eucalyptus, Mint

Middle: Cypress, Pine

Bottom: Smoke, Tonka Bean

Burn time 64 hours


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Winter Wonderland

This candle smells amazing! Definitely won't disappoint and these candles burn the cleanest.